Digital Marketing Tactics to Increase Sales by 300%

By / October 23, 2015 / Business

Digital marketing fuels the growth of modern day business anywhere in the world. The survival of your business heavily depends on how well you can identify your prospective audience, and the best marketing medium to reach them without them knowing they are being sold. Today’s consumers don’t like marketing the old ways. They have been genetically re-engineered to spot marketing messages, and trash them impulsively. I also dislike marketing pitches without added values other than the products are trying to sell, unless you are a trusted friend or partner.

Traditional marketing is gradually facing out, and today’s consumers are more sophisticated and technology savvy. The era of posters to brochures and commercials on TV/radio is fast losing face. As a matter of fact, the cost of TV commercials, radio ads, and newspaper/magazine is out of the reach of businesspeople who are looking to gain more revenue at low cost. Despite traditional marketing inherent inefficiency, it still gains popularity amongst the super-rich businesses or those who are comfortable taking money from Paul to pay Peter.

If your business is looking for an efficient marketing tactics that will bring about quality leads and sales at low cost, I will share here how you can improve your sales by 300%.

High Quality Product or Service

No matter how powerful your marketing messages, if the quality of your product or service is poor, no one will ever buy from you, even if it is on near zero cost promo. Quality service and product can self sell itself. If you are experiencing low sales in your business, check your product or service whether they passed Quality Test.

Give Free Content, Resources, and Tools

Every industry sector has valuable information to share for free. You can engage those who come visiting your website with information worth spending time reading This tactic is capable of converting them to customers in the long run.

Pay Per Click

Pay per click affords you the opportunity to place your ads directly in front of prospective customers at the exact time when they’re searching for your type of product or service. This is one of the coolest tactics to target a group of audience with commercial intent surfing the net. It is efficient and easier to measure ROIs. In addition to precise target market, it also helps in directing traffic to your online store.

Search Engine Optimization

If you are looking for low cost marketing campaign with high quality visitors, SEO is the guy.  Well optimized websites appear in the search engine result pages of Google, and 90% clicks are on the first 3 website that appear on search engines.

Obviously it is cost free if you were to optimize yourself, else you will need to enlist the services of professionals who can help put your SEO on the right path.

Social media marketing

There is no excuse for not having any social media platform account. Interestingly, this is where customers spend their time too. They are not far away from us.  Social media affords us the opportunities to leverage on social selling, customers relationship building e.t.c

In conclusion, digital marketing is a tactic for building and nurturing customers’ relationship. While customers don’t like to be sold, an effective digital marketing does not break the rules while pushing for buy or engage.

Rather than targeting audience who may not be interested ,  digital marketing helps us to achieve real time result with executive content strategy.



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