Digital Space: You Can Own It or Rent It

By / November 6, 2015 / Business

There is no pretending, every business must take advantage of digital technologies to stay relevant in this an age. And the earlier we discover that area of our business operations where technological tools can come handy the better. There are so many business automation solutions that can make life easier for us as business owners. Imagine what a cloud based Accounting, Tax and Auditing  Services, Human Resource, Project Management, Customer Relationship Management, Identity Management, Property Manager, Fleet Manager, Document Management System and a host of others could do to your business daily operations.  Not only will you be running your business effectively, you will also save cost. Technologies have come to make our business operations easier to manage. We must harness the opportunities.

Moreover, the present day consumers are more sophisticated and digital centric, so must the business in trying to gain their attention and subsequently, their earnings.

Business automation comes in so many flavours. You must find a solution that is tailored to your industry. You could consult Google or a consultant to advice on what types of business solutions software that is relevant to your niche market.

Most business solution providers have cloud based solutions- that is, services you can consume over the Internet. This reduces  cost of having the solutions installed in your office location. You can access your business vital information anywhere and anytime.

For instance, customer relationship management is one of the key business tools. It is a business solution with the features to manage the life cycle of your prospects and customers. It often involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support.

CRMs come as open source or commercial.  Some of the open sources CRMs are Suite CRM, SugarCRM, CiviCRM, FreeCRM etc. Open source means you can use them free without paying a dime.

However, your business website is the first contact of your potential customers. You must be able to capture important information at this entry point. Your contact us page on your website must have a form customers can fill. You need customers’ information to be able to build relationship with them. This piece of information is later fed into your CRM which may be hosted by you directly or hosted for you on a third party web platform.

Some CRM solutions come with features for social network integrations. You are able to track consumers from various social channels with the goal to better understand your customers, and why they make certain buying decisions.

If customers are indispensable assets in an organization, knowing and building relationship with them must be taken seriously.

Final Thought

Just like any other business, you could own or rent a digital asset. Website and available customers’ data are vital digital assets. A well designed website is a working marketing tool for any business- no matter what you do.

You could acquire one or use social media networks as digital rented tool to show case your products or services.  How much of customers’ data does your business own? Are they in your control or someone else?

Whether to own or rent a digital tool is business imperative and strategic. Better analysis of pros and cons is essential for building business that lives even when you are long gone.




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Olatunde Adedeji is the Founder/ CEO of Biocence Technologies, a web design and Internet marketing company. He is passionate about writing blogs on business growth, web strategy, cybersecurity, customers development, and everything that makes a business succeed on the web soil.



Tunde, can you create for me a blogspot? I shall supply all information and graphics to be used. I am an Architect.


I own a beauty salon but finding it difficult to keep clients and workers. Most times, clients take my workers away- conversing with them while pretending to making their hair. I am keeping about 4 workers on monthly salary albeit low clientele/patronage. I really need this platform/advice

Olatunde Adedeji

Hello madam, it is sad you are experiencing this. I would advise you get a trusted supervisor/manager who would closely monitor your workers activities. She would be able to detect early relationship with clients that will not be beneficial to your business. Also, if possible handle some of the work yourself so as not to loose touch with your clientele. Excellent relationship with clients and workers will resolve this issue. All the best ma.


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