5 Ways to Keep People on Your Website

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The hardest part of running a website or blog is the ability to keep people long enough on your site. No matter how much you invested in the website development, if people aren’t sticking around to consume your great contents, it is all but a sheer waste.

The obvious truth is, the longer you can engage people who come visiting your site the more opportunities you have to make them convert to whatever goal and objectives your website is set to achieve. Let’s look at it the other way; the more people stay around the more money you can make from your website. Website in this context includes blog, static or dynamic websites.

So what tactics can you employ to make people stick around longer?

Reduce Common Frustrations

From experience and research, there are things that piss off visitors to any website. They are slow loading of website, obsolete information, non-mobile friendly websites, broken links, missing images, coding errors, lengthy contact or registration forms, hard to find information, and adverts/overlays/pop ups, just for mention.

If your website does not take eternity to load, and it is mobile friendly, you will have more people staying around to savour what you have got.

10 Seconds Attention Message

When I was learning marshal art back then in my University days-(yes, I have  Yellow bets in Karate and Taekwondo: I guessed I learnt almost everything I needed to know early enough, so I quit(smile) ), my instructor would advise if you can’t destroy your enemy in less than 1 min, take a quick run away.

The lesson is simple, your website visitors are always true to their name “visitor”; if you can’t convince them within 10 seconds of your site appearing without them scrolling anywhere, forget it.

Your website intention messages must be above the fold. Your visitors must be able to understand what you do and benefits in stock for them without them clicking or scrolling anything on your website.

Easy Navigation

Awesome experience is important to your website users. Moving from one page to the other must be damn easy. We all love easy things, don’t we? So are your website users.

Embed Videos

It is easier for people to watch videos than reading text. You can quote me anywhere for free. Video is becoming increasingly popular in place, or alongside written content. It is far more engaging. You know how much hours people spend daily on YouTube.

Regardless of what you do, there would be a type of video creation idea for your business. It could be your CEO introducing what your company does or interesting stuffs customers are saying about your business. Video is fast growing in content creation and lots of brands are enjoying the benefits.

Fresh and Interesting Content

With the sea of valuable content on the Web, nobody will naturally pay attention to inferior contents- blog post, social feeds, infographics, video e.t.c unless it is at gun point or sure money to collect after reading it. The battle for attention on the Internet requires you to have great and fresh content to have the possibility of winning it.  When was the last time you spend valuable Internet time with outdated information online?

Fresh and interesting content will contribute positively to time people spend on your website.

In conclusion,

Your success in winning people’s attention on your site will be a great feat. If you have won the battle, you deserve a golden medal and a place in Internet Hall of Fame. And if getting people spend valuable time on your website is still a nightmare, do not just read this article and hope your situation would automatically change. You have to act on the prescribed suggestions.

The average time people spent on our website, Biocence as at the time of writing this article is 18m:12s. You can confirm from Alexa.com. I can tell you it is great enough for conversion.

Work smart and make your website visitors feel comfortable consuming your interesting content.

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