5 Techniques to Boost Your Holiday Sales and Profits

By / December 8, 2015 / Business

Christmas and New Year holidays are here with us. Businesses are already making more sales as expected. If you are not, this article is for you. Whether we like it or not, the demand of this season requires us to make friends and family happy. We buy more of what we need for the festive period. We love to give our homes and environment new look and feel.

Interestingly, as other businesses are meeting our needs during this period, we also need as to sell to the needs of our potential and existing customers.

So what makes us get better patronage at this period in time?  I have here five ways to boost your sales and profits during this festive period:

Get Your Employees Cheesecake

Sound Crazy! What I meant is get them motivated. A high spirited team is the first way to start thinking of boosting sales during holiday period. Even if your business is not brick and mortar, you need someone in the right frame of mind to attend to customers inquiries online. According to Simon Sinek, “When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.”

Give Your Website a Christmas Feel and Look

This is the time to talk to your developer to see how your website can carry on the mood of Christmas. It is also the time to strategize on how to improve on your conversion tactics. You might need to pay attention to your call to action button and see how change in color and size affects the click-through rate. While you work on the look and feel, you must also simplify the customers’ journey to desired destination on your site.

Add Christmas Discount

If you have been very reluctant to give your customers discount, this is time to lower your guard and give back to society. This will certainly boost your sales. While I agree with you that discounting your product or services might reduce your profit, it is wiser and smarter to make reduced profits with high volume sales than to stick to regular profit with low sales.

Send Newsletters

In this holiday season, you have the uncommon opportunity to send mails about your products/services, discounts, and promotional messages. Study has shown the open rate at this time is high.  You need to ensure your newsletters are valuable and professional. You can make use of free online email marketing services such as Mailchip, Constant Contact, Vertical Response etc.

Offer a Free Item with Every Purchase

There are appreciable benefits from word of mouth. When a customer is delighted based on the sweet experience he had with your brand, he tends to discuss it amongst friends and families. One of the ways to delight a customer is to give them gifts in addition to their purchase. And when word of mouth is combined with word of mouse, your sales is bound to aggressively move in upward direction.

Final Thought

People are your greatest assets. Right motivation will ignite right attitude towards your customers and improve your sales. Don’t just know all these things you need to do at this period, do it and see if your profits and sales will not move up impressively.

You can also share with us other ways to  increase sales and profits during holiday period in the below comment section.


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