Website Redesigning- An Imperative Business Strategic Decision

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Website redesigning is an imperative strategic business decision. Every smart business executive should occasionally access its business website with a view to improving it, and ensure the business objective of setting it up in the first instance is realized.

Website technology is fast changing. So also are consumers’ tastes.  Interestingly, your customers know a professionally designed website when they see one. Strange and unfair, since this is your 24hrs/7 day well run Web office, your services or products presentation start from here. People’s perception about your business starts from the content, look and feel of your website.

According to Stanford University, 75% of people judge the credibility of a company based on the design of its website.

There are factors to consider before you finally decide to give your website a face-lift. We are going to examine those factors here:

#1. Not Showing Well on Mobile Devices

Is your website design responsive to mobile devices- responsiveness is a website design style that allows a website to automatically resize to any screen. Far more than half of today’s Internet users access online with their smart phones. It is essential your website is responsive for consistent user experience.

#2. Your Search Ranking is Low

The primary purpose of commercial website is to increase revenue through increased in sales at low cost. If you are online and your search ranking is low, it is time to consider a redesign with the view of improving your content with SEO in mind.

Websites that are buried in flash elements or images will naturally perform poorly in search engine ranking.

Alexa helps you to access how your website competes with the rest of the world. Local and international ranking are provided.

#3. Your website Engagement and Conversion is Low

Ask your web developer your website current Bounce Rate, Time on Site, and Average per Page per Visits. If your Bounce Rate is high with low Time on Site, it means your website visitors don’t find your current website useful for one reason or another.

Conversion on website means prospects or customers can carry out some specified actions on your site. Those actions could be a click on the Buy Button, Sign up form, filling in contact form, downloads etc

Your conversion may be low or nil if conversion opportunities are not properly set up or your web visitors are just not converting. Redesigning your website will help you to reassess your web strategy with your audience or business goals in mind.

#4. Your Website Looks Primitive

Website design trends is evolving. A few years ago nobody is taking about responsive design. Today, it is all about clean design, clear call to action and easy navigation. A website designed 5 years ago obviously needs a new touch.

If your site looks outdated, it is time for redesigning. Good design builds trustworthiness of a website and business.

#5. Impossible to Update Yourself

Sometimes, customers just a website and probably have a maintenance agreement with the developer. Yea, this is good. However, today’s web requires that the content on your website is frequently updated. If you can use Microsoft Word, then you can update your website yourself with a Content Management System.

Search engines appreciate fresh contents more than ever before, and being able to do this yourself put you at great advantage.

So, if your website is not CMS compliant, you need a professional website redesign services to bring it up to date.

#6. Your Website is Slow

If you are looking for a single compelling reason to redesign your website, slow loading website is the one. The impatient web visitors answer true to their names and don’t have luxury of time to wait eternity for your website to load.

You are losing prospects and customers whenever your site loads slowly.

#7. Changes in Brand Positioning and Messaging

The most important business information asset is your website. It is the core hub of your online activities. It is best time to redesign your website if your new brand positioning and messages does not resonate with your current targeted audience and messages.

#8. Your Website is Hacked

Hacked website is an indication of vulnerability which has been exploited by bad guys.  If you are faced with this challenge, you need a total overhaul of your website.  You need to find and fix unresolved vulnerabilities to prevent future occurrence.

#9. Blogging is Missing

Today’s website needs fresh content, and one of the ways to make your site search engine friendly is to have a blog section on your website. With blog posts, you can keep prospects, customers and Google happy.

#10. You Are Embarrassed to Give Out Your Web Address

With all the reasons giving above, if none still applies to your business site, but you usually feel embarrassed to give clients or partners your web address for a reason not captured above, you might consider redesigning your website to your taste anyway.

Final Thoughts

Your website is an investment in the success of your business. Having a strong online presence is no longer a nice thing to have; it is a business critical strategic decision.

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We re interested on redesigning our website wt a blog and hope it won’t cost me much bcos the Economy resection is bite very seriously.

Infact I refuse to renew bcos we ve earn no dime from the previous year.

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