Corporate Profile

Biocence Technologies Limited (Biocence) is a digital marketing agency located in Lagos, Nigeria. We were set up to provide a range of very specialized marketing services to individuals and small businesses.

Our services are backed up by world renowned expertise which include, digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization, web development and maintenance services, social media marketing, domain registration, websites hosting and trainings.

We are team of passionate professionals with integrity and trustworthiness. We understand what it takes to grow a small business profitably having experimented our techniques and process in-house with huge success.

Your peculiar challenges/pains have a solution, and we know how to help you out.

We knew today's business survival and growth relies heavily on the effective use of Internet. The ever changing consumers needs and behaviour is a testament to this. Being a small business oriented agency, we understand constraint of resources small business owners face and the need to use Internet as a lever for growth and profitability.

It is our commitment to develop and implement a digital strategy that guarantee 200% returns on your investment at the least.

Our Philosophy

We ride with you on the Internet red carpet. We ensure growth and profitability for our clients through the use of Digital Marketing tactics and strategy.